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Your post yesterday detailing the catch 22 for the NYTimes was exactly what I had been thinking...and what is astonishing is that (among others) now that AL Franken himself is coveing it AND Eliot is investigating, these present no angle to report? Not even a spin job story? It is not only blatant it is actally quite irresponsible and sorta criminal to the profession of news reporting all together.


Uh, hey dummies... #1. Franken's "involuntary investor" line was a reference to a joke he's made before. He was just sort of repeating it in passing, hence the lack of a laugh. #2. Even if someone HAD laughed you would have criticized it as "the other person on the audio, whose sole purpose seemed to be to laugh". #3. The other person is his co-host,. #4. Since you've characterized what he's said as "lies", I assume you have some contrary facts or even evidence to back up that accusation. Which I assume you woulda brought up. Which you didn't. Which makes me think you're full of crap. #5. When there's an actual story here, maybe the NYTimes will report it.


Oh, one more thing-- since you're covering Air America's imminent demise, you might wanna start with the three new affiliates they added yesterday.

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