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While I'm no big fan of Frist, it is more than just a little disengenuous on the part of his critics to attack his making a few bucks on the market due to political advantage - or have we forgotten the neat little six figure pork-belly trading the most intelligent woman in the world pulled a few years back?

A little recycling of the left's knee-jerk defense of her, might be fun for quoting purposes at this time.

Frist, in my book can be easily replaced by any RINO that enjoys playing with embyonic stem cells.


I'm conservative more than I am Republican. Frist's behavior bothers me greatly if - BIG IF - what's being reported is true, and what the HillBilly did with her crooked little transaction is irrelevant because she wasn't an elected official.

And just because the HillBilly is a crooked little twerp doesn't mean its ok for Republicans to be crooks too. I don't think we should tolerate this from ANY of our elected leaders.

The first scandal in this from my perspective is that if what's being reported is true then Frist's "blind trust" wasn't blind at all. According to the ABC News website he denied having any knowledge about owning HCA stock (which would be true if the trust was really blind) but later documents show his trustee sent him an update on how much HCA stock he owned 2 weeks prior to that statement.

The whole point of a "blind trust", which is commonly used by politicians of all stripes, is that their holdings are handled by someone else without their involvement so there is no conflict of interest in their actions as elected leaders. If the trustees are sending reports to let them know what stock they own then the entire purpose of the "blind trust" is reduced to a darn lie. If the same politicos are giving buy/sell orders to their trustees it is an even more egregious darn lie.

I don't know if that's common among politicos but if it is then its about time we learned it.


You did a yeoman's job at covering the issue. There is little I can add, but to say that I won't miss him in the least. The word competence was my earlier concern, but after the stem-cell game it became character. Now it it time for Bill to go!


Soft Taco...

1918 Iraq war dead. Now would be a great time to remind me how many died in World War I, and how the volume of dead in that war render all other wars meaningless. Did I mention that was a great post a few months back?

But you guys are right about Frist, he's a total chimp. On that surely we all agree.


Nice work, W! At last, a great menace to the nation is apprehended!

Osama Bin Laden: Free
Cindy Sheehan: Arrested

But W always plays tough when women are the target. Cindy Sheehan. Mrs. McCain. Valerie Plame. Kerry's wife. The list goes on.


So...you think Bush had Sheehan arrested Mooch?


Those who don't have the complete story on Frist should not go off the deep end until they have all the facts (and that means not from the MSM). Don't get stuck on stupid.. as Gen. Honore so astutely said.


"But W always plays tough when women are the target. Cindy Sheehan. Mrs. McCain. Valerie Plame. Kerry's wife. The list goes on."

I laugh at your inferior intellect.


Well I sure am glad I added the qualifier "if - BIG IF - what's being reported is true" since from what I can tell now it looks like another big fat pile of media hokum.

As far as Mooch's post, I don't know what part of it to laugh at. His holding Bush responsible for Sheehan forcing the police to arrest her, maybe his implication that Bush did something nefarious to McCain's or Kerry's *wives*.

Or the incredible political "do as I say not as I do" (I'm fighting off calling it hypocrisy) implications of his even going there after Clinton had private detectives - laundered through lawyers - running around the country for 8 years tormenting all the women he'd sexually *pursued* (again, I'm trying to be nice) his adult life.


Buffy - you are correct. After all, he ran from Katrina and cowered from Rita!

Dwilkers, my point is to present the irony of the situation. Also, this has been sloppy PR on the part of the White House. It was basic PR to meet with this woman over the summer. Behind closed doors, he could've just nodded his head and said "I feel your pain". No concessions needed to be made, it could've even been one of his patented photo-ops. Approval ratings would've gone up. We all know someone who did this to great effect back in the 90's. She would've been out of the news cycle by the time people got back from vacation. Now, look at this mess. And it was all so unncessary. Yet another task this administration bungled.

Not sure either of you understand the point on W's tactics of going after political opponents through their wives. Bush family plays hardball, surely you know this...

I'm surprised you (apparently) do not know this but McCain wife's was portrayed as a drug addict during the South Carolina 2000 primaries by Bush push polling. Also, there was a rumor spread that McCain fathered an African American child out of wedlock. Yet another rumor suggested that McCain was a "Manchurian Candidate" project who cracked under Vietnamese torture and turned in other POW's while in captivity. The Swift Boat guy orchestrated the latter. Do you really not know about this? He went from way up on Bush to losing the primary - basically derailed his campaign. Fear was that McCain would win with bipartisan support - I would probably have voted for him over 'hypothetical democratic challenger' and bet many other would've.


And why does Bill always get brought into it when Republicans get caught doing something naughty?

Bill was running around behind his wife, a personal flaw I have a huge problem with. He was wrong. I feel awful for his family. I felt that it was bad for the country that we became obsessed with his personal life - just as I think it is tawdry for the National Equirer to run stories that maybe W is drinking again.

But I did much better financially when Clinton was in. I felt like there was a positive attitude about the country. I always tell people that Reagan and Clinton are the best presidents of my lifetime - you believed good things were going to happen. And they usually did.


Its has exactly the same relevance to the post as your comment Mooch - that is, precisely none.


No, I think it was the assumption that I would never be able to criticize a Democrat. I constantly get the Clinton womanizing and the Bryd KKK thing thrown at me. Never sure why.


Maybe the same reason as you throwing up nonsense like that first post?

Worth some thought dude.


I am here to update the war dead for Soft Taco, since he does not believe their sacrifice merits recognition. All else is just opportunistic popshots, I confess.

But there is validity to that observation about how that sticky Sheehan issue (and for that matter the Plame affair or the McCain smear) got 'handled' and how OBL lingers on. "Dead or Alive", right? He said it reminded him of the Old West posters. What am I missing? 86ing OBL is the biggest mission the nation has had since Pearl Harbor Day. How is it W cannot even say his name?

And here is where it matters - because W can take the bad PR from letting the Sheehan issue fester unnecessarily. But he is unwilling to get tough with Pakistan and get OBL. Because his image in Islamabad is, I suppose, more important than his image in America. What else can be concluded? You're a smart guy, you know exactly where OBL is - and you know that (LBJ Vietnam style) the US is prevented from searching 'sensitive areas' (Western Pakistan). Because God forbid we'd anger the terrorists, right? Then they might hate us.

You need to ask yourself: are you helping that or are you hindering it. This is a poll-based presidency (just like every other one) - please motivate this guy to get moving on STARTING the war on terror. Then we can get around to winning it.

Or W can just keep spending hand over fist to enlarge government.


You know Macho, I have really tried to be nice. Really hard.

"I am here to update the war dead for Soft Taco, since he does not believe their sacrifice merits recognition."

Now you see what I mean? I challenge you to prove what you just said.

Got it dipstick? Prove it.

Try to stay on topic, we're not talking about Halliburton or space aliens here, we're talking about your assertion that Macho

"does not believe their sacrifice merits recognition"

in reference to (I assume) Iraq war veterans.

Put up or shut up. Prove it. I don't want to hear about Kerry's wife.

Can you back up what you just said?

grandpa stole bets

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