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You are absolutely spot-on regarding the witness panels. I don't know how many *normal folks* watched that but I'd guess they would break 80% for Roberts and against that bunch of lefty loons. One of the last ones was a female minister that had been interviewed by CSPAN earlier, and at the end one of the Pubs gently took her apart with qustions like 'should In God We Trust be removed from our currency?'.

As you poing out the Pubs managed to call some people that actually know roberts, all of which were PASSIONATELY supportive of him, including a self avowed liberal democrat.

I watched a good bit of the hearings each day and I was struck by how much it seemed to be pure posturing, unserious, sort of like a bad reality TV show.

My predictions:

* You took DiFi to vote against, I'll take her to vote in favor.

* When DiFi breaks for Roberts the Dem oppostion will vanish like a puff of smoke.

* Vote out of committee will be 13-5, confirmation vote will be 80-20 (wild guess there).

Oh, and unlike you Macho, I am not confident AT ALL that Roberts is an anti-Roe vote. If anything my guess is replacing Rehnquist with Roberts is a slight edge left-wise for the SCOTUS. It all comes down to the next appointment(s).



I tend to think you're right on target - i still wish the very conservative Rhenquist was replaced with same -not a question mark. The GOP PR machine would do well to be flooding the country with the fact that the"balance"
has swung too far left with the moderate Roberts -

Or, fight like Hades and demand the libs to show you where in the Constitution are the emmanations and pennumbras requiring "Balance" anyway, or shut up about such nonsense.



You win Macho. DiFi voted against.

However it was a 13-5 vote out of committee according to the report I just read. 8^)


I also called Kohl correctly, although I botched it on Leahy and Feingold. In fairness, I don't think ANYONE saw that coming.


HAH! for me!

I almost got the final vote tally correct, 78-22. =p


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