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Ra Kumar

Hey, since there's all this talk of the judiciary, I wanted to know what the conservative thought is on Schwartzenegger saying that he'll veto the gay-marriage bill because "the courts should decide it"? I know what the liberal POV is, I just want to understand this, if you would be so kind. Thanks,



Schwarzenegger is a fool. If there is a justifiable reason for vetoing this (and there is), it's because his constituents have loudly spoken that they don't want it.


Aw they're just babies. It could be a serious loss like spotted owls or something important!

Steve Malynn

Macho, acutally, the marriage initiative in CA is still before the SCOCA, thus as drafted, without reference to the initiative and the pending decision, the legislation expressly violated the CA Constitution. Thus as a topical matter Schwartz was correct the court is deciding the issue of the validity of the initiative, but as a procedural matter he had grounds to veto without reference to the policy issue.

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