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Blue Neponset

You guys have control of the Presidency and both houses of Congress yet you take the time to write a story about how you are going to beat the Democrats in 2006. Why?

Newsflash....you guys already won it is time to stop running for office and time to start governing. When are those drugs from Canada going to be available? When can we expect a national energy plan? When can we expect universal health insurance? When can we expect the budget and trade deficits to go away? When can we expect Iran to stop enriching Uranium? When can we expect the Korean peninsula to be free of nuclear weapons? When can we expect China to stop stealing billions of dollars by pirating our intellectual property?
Etc. Etc.

The real problem is that Republicans are so good at politics that we no longer have any policy debates in this country. It is all politics all the time.

History will judge your party by its accomplishments not by its campaigns. Off the top of my head I can't think of too many accomplishments. The outcomes of Iraq and Afganistan are far from certain and the new bankruptcy bill, the new medicare prescription drug bill, CAFTA, tax cuts, Terri Schiavo, and drilling in ANWR won't make it into the history books.

What has this President and this Congress done to make America a better place? If the Dems find a way to make America ask itself that question in 2006 your permanent majority status may be in some jeopardy. I wouldn't worry about it though, Rove and his ilk will find a way to talk about Gay marriage or intelligent design and you guys can win on those issues.

Johnny D

The real issues are this:
Policy Vision
Is America a better place?

Here is the deal my friend the Democrats for better or worse are without a clear and intelligent vision. What is worse for the democratic party is that Americans know this and are largely swayed (and probably rightly so) by leadership that has a direction they can understand and buy into.

So my brother from different parents you make a good point. The Dems ain't got now unifying vision. What they do have is 35-40% of the vote in Oklahoma in every election.

"So what?" you ask. Think of it this way, if everytime your favorite team plays ball against overwhelming odds would you still show up to cheer? Maybe because you believe in what that team stands for even if they can't get the big play makers up to bat. How many years did the Red Sox have fans?

What I have seen after three years as a corporate consultant is that businesses and political parties as well thrive based on two opposing yet coexisting aspects.

One is the core purpose and values that define an organization. Ask anybody what is the history and the goal of the Democratic party or the Republican party and you will hear back a litany saying what these organizations value and stand for in the most basic terms.

Along with that core purpose there needs to be vision of the future. And it better be compelling or you go no where. Republicans are masters of finding a compelling visions to lay out.

In 2000 it was a vision of fiscal conservatism and isolationism. In 2002 and 2004 it was a strong and decisive unified part standing together facing outward. In 2006 how will the spin masters spin it only time can tell. it's hard given FEMA and federal governments reaction time to say decisive and given the fact that everybody regardless of credo is pointing fingers it is hard to say unified. Katrina has changed a lot of views held in America it will be interesting to see where things go from here.

Is a America a better place after 4 years of the executive and legislative branch being on the same page. It's very hard to decide. When i come home I do not feel that America is necessarily a better place than it was when I left. But I am only one person, what matters is how the voters percieve their lives come election day.

Kudos man for noticing the Dems are sightless, but when they have a vision there is a built in fan base waiting to mobilize. Don't overlook the fact that most red states still have thirty to forty percent of voters going Democrat even when they KNOW they have no chance. How many voters will show up when they are courted by intelligent candidates with striking visions?

Red state is an illusion.

By they way I live in a red country isn't that ironic...


My long lost half-twin brother!

It's good to see you perusing around my blog. I'll presume my wife pointed you this way and drop her a line of thanks.

I agree with your point about the volatility of the electorate - after all, if you go back about 30 years, most "red" states were "blue" and vice-versa.

Your other point about a built-in fan base is also true. There are a lot of people who self-identify as Donkeys or Elephants based upon history and parental affiliation than anything the parties currently believe or practice.

For instance, in Arkansas, I met a lot of really and truly racist people who were in their 60s (or over). Thought black people were inherently inferior, and still really and truly thought that interracial marriage should be outlawed. Probably would have favored a comeback for segregation. All of these people invariably voted Democrat. That's a built-in fan base.

And so the fight goes on for the 20% or so of folks in this country who are persuadable. What is a shame is that this 20% generally makes decisions based on what I like to call "the BBQ factor." In other words, "which candidate would you rather have over to your back yard for a BBQ?" You look at pretty much every Presidential election since 1980, and the candidate with the higher "BBQ factor" wins. Sooner or later, the Donks are gonna catch on to this, and quit nominating candidates who are generally stiff and unlikeable people. If that eventuality coincides with the emergence of a policy-wonk Newt type of character, the current state of political affairs in this country could change in a hurry.

Speaking of Red, how are things where you are?


Some very good points about the Donkeyhaddeen, but like my friend often says, "I keep voting for Republicans, but I keep getting Democrats."


Donkeyhaddeen. Nice.

Your point is well taken.

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