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Mt guess is that Franken has a stake in Air America and that's why he signed the agreement.

As far as their business practices though, has AA ever struck you as a company that had even one clue what it was doing? You don't just suddenly appear on the scene and have a nationwide audience - which is what they appeared to think was going to happen. Businesses are BUILT not created out of thin air.

And let's face it, Franken IS Air America. It might as well be called Air Al Franken considering how much they have wrapped up in his personality driving the thing. I mean who else have they got on their shows? Randi Rhodes? Never heard of her before the whole AA thing.

I think in general, Macho, that one reason folks on the left have so much disdain for business is that they don't understand it at all.


Too right, Dwilkers. I should never assume that people I'm referring to are rational, until they provide evidence that would back up the claim. Yet another error.


There was a documentary on Air America and if you saw it you probably noticed what I did - the operartions were being run as if it were a political movement, not a business. All the shows on the right are run like businesses, they care about advertising and ratings. The mission of spreading Republican POV's comes second...maybe twelfth. As an ad agency person I was surprised that no one from AA was out there soliciting ad dollars. That deficiency led to the cash crunch and need to borrow.

But pinning the demise of AA on the fact that Americans have no interest in left-leaning thought misses the point. Again - all about ad dollars. The audience on Air America is diverse, usually a good thing but in terms of advertising it is a bad thing. When I recommend Fox News or Limbaugh or something like that I can say exactly who I am reaching - older white men. No negative connotation to that, it's a fact. And if my products skew towards that target, it becomes desirable and (more importantly) efficient for me to grab the air time. And let's face it, lots of products target older men, including most of your biggest advertisers (namely automotive).

In addition, talk radio is fueled off (in many cases) anger, indignation, and frustation. Sports talk peaks when the team is bad, not when it is on a winning streak. That is why I will always believe that Rush's ratings would have gone UP with a Kerry win. The man needed Clinton to build his business, he was there to harness the anger of Republicans. Rush probably voted for Kerry!

While I disagree with Rush and Fox News I have purchased air time from them. Gee, I guess I do understand business.



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