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Anyone else notice how similiar these accusations are to that Sopranos plot element? A director on a community non-profit organization conspired with the Sopranos to take out a bunch of HUD-backed loans to buy a bunch of over-appraised Sopranos owned land. The non-profit organization defaulted on the loans, of course. Tony Soprano later gave the director guy a bunch of cash under the table to compensate for his time.

levi from queens

If Gloria Wise no longer exists, the debt must be repaid to the State of New York under the law of escheat. No?

Purple Raider

If Air Amerika isn't careful, they could have their stations licenses yanked.

I could see the folks at Gloria Wise, Progress AND Piquant all doing perp walks.

inside dope

Getting warmer, but the big scandal is has yet to be revealed.

Not all of Pataki's $ comes from Republicans. There are some big $ libs who also count themselves as Friends Of Pataki's.

Big $ libs often participate in messaging through various broadcasting outlets in "Inner City"'s.

Questions to be persued by people not bound to non-disclosure agreements.

Who owns AAR's flagship station in New York. Not Piquant llc. They rent it.

Of the board of directors of that entity- who might be an odd person to support a Republican Gov. and who might also have a spouse who works intimately with the 2008 aspirations of a certain senator from NYS?

Answer theses questions and one will see the size of the money river, it's multiple "innappropriate" sources and where (and to whom) it flows.

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