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With respect to your "bold prediction", you missed the most important point. AA was started - in a corporate sense - by a REPUBLICAN fund raiser who looted the company and entered into this illegal funding scam.

Progressives of good will have been trying to get AA back on it's feet since this Karl Rove plant from Guam did everything he could to destroy the voice of the people.


"Karl Rove plant from Guam"

mbecker did not just scribe? Air America's charity rip off is KARL ROVE'S FAULT? Dear me. Forget tinfoil, they've gone full blown stainless steel.


Maybe mbecker908 should put his money on a different horse. Cohen is more recently described as a board member on several liberal non-profits.

Because Hillary was a Goldwater supporter in 1964, does that mean her activities now are due to her Republican-ness?

Lefties are a joke.

(On the other hand, if Cohen is a plant whose goal is to successfully suck huge sums from Lefty non-profits, maybe that just proves how dim Lefties are, see above example.)


Hey guys, gimme a break. The post was supposed to represent where the NYT will go with this.

On a personal note, I happen to think Ronald Reagan was a liberal. A good one, but none the less a liberal. Attila is more my kinda guy.

With respect to Cohen, a couple of variations of that story have already been floated on the cable news shows by lefty talking heads.


My guess considering AA's low ratings is that they are being squeeze for cash. Why else would they take the risky road of 'borrowing' tax payer money from Gloria Wise in the first place?


"Forget tinfoil, they've gone full blown stainless steel."
This is like the third time I've read that line, and it still slays me.

And hey, "mbecker908"? What I'm waiting for is when they realize there's no traction calling Cohen a Republican, and the FrankenFans start murmuring, "Y'know, the dude's a Jew, too."


mbecker...I stand corrected...my apologies. I didn't sense the sarcasm. My bad

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