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We got them the majority in both houses and the presidency. If they aren't willing to go to the mat NOW, then WHEN?

I am quite disillusioned.

We'll see what happens. I think its entirely possible Bush has appointed 2 pro-Roe votes to the SCOTUS. I have never believed Roe was going to be overturned but I would like to see the court allow some reasonable regulation around the edges - and I'd like to see this constant invasion by the courts into our daily lives and social traditions come to an END.

I seriously doubt Miers will be defeated.


If the problem is the squishy Republicans in the Senate, that's still Bush's fault. After all, he actively worked to defeat a conservative challenger to Specter. Why should any RINO fear or help Bush now? There's no cost!


Amen to Bob's remark about Specter. The White House had two opportunities to do something about him, one was during the Pennslyvania Senate primary when Toomey gave Specter a great challenge and the other was when Specter shot his mouth off after the election.

Foolishly supporting Specter in the Specter/Toomey primary has made Rick Santorum a dead duck and George Bush a lame duck.


Simple math. If Miers turns out to be another morphed conservative. Someone else will have to appoint two conservatives to counter her appointment.

As a long time watcher of long term trends (stock market etc.,) I've noticed when a large group of believers get really burned, they don't come back for years if at all. Their sons and daughters might, but they don't!
Bush will sink the Republican party if this choice morphs. He may have done sufficient damage to it already.

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